Retractable Door Screens

Enjoy your view without any obstructions with Awnings Plus LLC door screens. Retractable screen doors are designed to be used only when you need them, and when you don’t they remain hidden and out of sight. Our retractable system can be installed on virtually any opening, giving you the unobstructed view that older standard screens don’t allow. When not in use the screen retracts into a powder coated, anodized, and extruded aluminum housing that blends into the doorframe protecting the screen. By affixing the system directly to the existing frame, it increases the stability of the screen and the framework surrounding it. Limited lifetime warranty.


Every door can use a retractable screen, even a simple single door. Regardless of how tall or wide your single door is, a retractable Glide Screen will enhance the functionality of the door allowing easy entrance and exit while keeping the pests out.


Our retractable screens virtually blend into the door casement, even with patio sliders. Easy to use, even for small children, a Reel Screen retractable screen door is a great way to keep the bugs out and make use of your deck or patio.


Make use of your garage or porch like you never have before. Now you can ventilate your garage and porch for all your home projects without allowing the bugs to come in. Our garage and porch products are just as easy to use as all our other door or window products and can be easily installed.


The beauty of French doors is in the statement they make when both doors are open. The light, gentle breeze, and open feeling they provide is one-of-a-kind. Our screens allow you the use of those doors they way they were intended to be used or open.


Front door or back, our screens look great and allow you to open your home to the fresh air of the great outdoors. Our screen housings come in a wide variety of colors to match you decor.


Our new smooth glide feature allows for easy opening and closing of the screen without the screen closing by itself. You control the screen throughout the process. The tension of the screen can be adjusted to fit particular preferences and usage.


Where does the screen go?
The screen mesh is on an aluminum tube that the mesh rolls on. It retracts and hides in an aluminum housing that is mounted in the recessed area of the door or window opening.

What type of paint is used?
The aluminum extrusion is powder coated. We have a variety of colors to match your existing door color.

Can I get a custom color?
Yes, custom colors are available for an additional charge. This cost may vary depending on your location.

What holds the screen in place?
Opposing magnets extend the full height of the door opening and when they are joined together, the screen stays locked in position.

Is it okay to keep the screens in use all the time?
No, we recommend that when you are not at home using the screens, they should be retracted. By retracting the screens, you are protecting the mesh from the outdoor elements that can decrease the life.

If I have double doors can I keep one of the screens locked?
Yes, we insert a slide lock which is designed to temporarily fix the stationary side of the opening. This allows you to enter using only one of the screens.

Can I put one screen on French doors?
Depending on the size of the total opening and the amount of wind a single screen can sometimes be installed on a double opening. The installer makes the final decision on whether or not it is recommended.

Where is the screen installed?
Typically the screen is installed inside the jamb area of the door. By being mounted in the recessed area of the door or window opening the screen framework blends in with existing structure.

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